Do I have to have a group of 8 to participate?

No. Escape Games are designed to function using 8 players but this is YOUR experience so you can decide how you would like build your team. You can book tickets individually, or all at once. Keep in mind, if you book tickets individually chances are you will be in a room with other gamers.

Can I schedule a time outside of the set mission times?

Here at Escape Marquette we are always mindful of the busy lives and schedules of our Players. Please contact us with any specific questions or requests pertaining to scheduling and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

Am I really locked in the room?

The sense of being “locked” in can be scary to many, so we will never actually lock any doors. As always you have the right to end your game at any time for any reason - all you have to do is pull the door handle and the game will stop.

What can I bring into the rooms?

A Great Attitude & Willingness to Try New Things
Cell Phones & Recording Devices – we ask that these be put away during the Game

What Room should I choose?

All Games are designed for a variety of ages and interests. Rooms have indicators if they are scary or hold adult content.

When should I arrive and how long does it take?

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time. If you schedule a room at 12pm please arrive at 11:55am to allow a quick check in and overview of information. Restrooms are located in the public areas next to Escape Marquette.


Yes, room themes change monthly. You will never run out of new experiences here at Escape Marquette!

Is there an age restriction?

This is at your discretion. We advise that the Rooms are designed for Players 12+. We will not limit any person from entering the Game unless it is specifically stated 18+. IF you have specific questions or concerns feel free to contact us!

I'm claustrophobic, can I play?

Totally. We super-sized our rooms to provide a comfortable atmosphere to explore and coexist in maximum groups of 8! You will never be forced into any small or tight areas that would evoke claustrophobia. It is advised that our rooms are generally 250 square feet+.

Are walk-ins welcome?

Rooms must be booked one day in advance. Subject to change.

Can I make changes to a reservation or get a refund?

Yes, please call us for details.